Betting tips on the Cincinnati Reds in this season’s MLB

When it comes to betting on baseball, like so many other types of sports betting, the problem for many fans of the game is that they find it hard to bet against their own team. This doesn’t necessarily present a problem if you support the Yankees, but for supporters of most sides, their hopes for their teams won’t be matched by the reality. One of the teams hoping for success this year will be the Cincinnati Reds, but do they represent a decent bet for this coming season’s MLB?

Well you will certainly get decent odds on the Reds for the National League, at many of the major sports betting sites, which will certainly make having a bet on them irresistible for most of their fans. For neutrals these odds may be rather low, but you can get 9/2 on the Reds at some sites, which might make them appealing when it comes to National League betting. The odds on the Reds for the World Series currently vary at most sites, but a lot of them have them at either 10 or 12/1, which could make them the kind of outside – but not rank outside – bet that suits sports betting fans. It’s a risk, but the potential return should they deliver would be greater.

If the risk is too much for you, or you are a Reds fan who doesn’t want to compound disappointment on the field with financial loss, you might find a baseball themed game like Hot Shot a better bet. This game, which you can find at, combines many of the best features of traditional slots games – like being really cheap and easy to play and offering great cash payouts – with sophisticated graphics and audio designed to capture the feel of playing baseball. You’ll feel like your standing in the field, hearing the roars of the crowd and the ball slamming against your bat, without actually having to learn how to play. This makes it a great way to mix baseball and betting for fans who daren’t risk betting on their team.