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Reds Trade Matt Maloney to the Twins

Te team hasn’t announced anything but Matt Maloney is saying that he’s been traded to the Minnesota Twins. Maloney was solid for the Bats this year but not as good for the Reds in a short stint. Since the trade hasn’t been officially announced, we still don’t have word as to who the Reds got in return.

Reds Review – The Offense

2011 is in the books and the Reds made some noise in the first half only to drop out in the second. The Reds had their stars and they also had their duds. Of course leading the way was Joey Votto. On the heels of his MVP season, Votto actually put together an under appreciated 2011. He didn’t drive in as many runs or hit as many home runs but because of his improved defense, he actually had a better WAR in 2011 then he did in 2010. He also drew 100 walks for the first time in his career.

Jay Bruce was his number two and while he hit more home runs then he did in 2010, his OPS was down because he hit closer to .250. He drew thirteen more walks though and while he struck out more, I like the trend. Bruce won’t turn 25 until after opening day and then Votto just turned 28 last month. They should have these guys in the lineup for some time.

For those you who don’t know, I live in the Detroit area. We had our Edgar Renteria episode and while he got it done for the Giants in 2010, he turned around and stunk it up for us just like he did for Detroit. Oh well, overall, the Reds finished second in runs scored in the NL and they were second with 183 home runs. Not too shabby. Now we just need to come up with a new winning combination to get it all done in 2012.

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