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Jay Bruce – Red For Life

I know, I’ve been away.  But the Reds are on the cusp of signing Jay Bruce to a big, big money deal and it’s worth talking about.  It’s looking like a six year, $51 million deal for a guy who would have just been eligible for arbitration.  Still, Bruce had a sort of breakout year for the Reds and we won’t know if the money was well spent until probably 2014 or so.

The good news is, Bruce played the whole season.  His power was there but it was mostly in the form of doubles because his 25 home runs was just a few better then last year when he played in only 101 games.  Of course his batting average and walks were up so that made for a career best .846 OPS.  Throw in some good defense and you have a keeper.
The deal was a major topic over at Baseball Prospectus. They call it a significant risk but they speculate that Bruce would have gotten a raise to around $3 million anyway and that would most likely only go up from there over the years.  The piece goes on from there to praise the deal and also talks about the seventh year option.  Anyway, good stuff from a team that has been tough to root for in the past.

It looks like Bronson Arroyo is the next Red to get a deal.  Stay tuned.

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