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Pitchers and Catchers Report On Thursday

I’ve cut out and restarted writing on this site so many times I’ve lost count. Let’s tack one more try onto that number because I’m starting to get the creative juices flowing. Just like the Reds will be playing in a new spring training home, I’m looking for a restart of sorts. Of course my fearless leader is in front of the charge with some fresh ideas the hope is that i’ll do my first full season blogging the Reds in a long, long time. Work has been rough and that’s been my primary reason for going MIA but I have to commit to the overal team that I’ll come through and follow up on the Reds.

The big news this spring will be Aroldis Chapman and I’m really looking forward to seeing him throw. The Reds also have some unfinished business and they have to lock up Johnny Gomes. He’d fill out the right field platoon and the guy brings some power. Of course the price has to be right.

I also liked the Aaron Miles trade even though that’s old news. I never cared for Willy Taveras and having him out of the lineup makes things a touch better. Orlando Cabrera was a move I could have done without but it’s only a one year deal so I’m not going to whine too much. It’s also nice to see Kip Wells in a Reds uniform, now it’ll be nice if he can perform.

At this point, the Reds are long shots to win the division. That rotation could help them win some games though so it’ll be an interesting ride.

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