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Reds Sign Aroldis Chapman

Wow, this was a big surprise and enough to drag me out of my hiatus. The Reds signed the highly coveted and much hyped Cuban hurler Aroldis Chapman. They inked him to a 5 year, $25 million deal and that should help shore up the rotation. My guess is he’ll be at the back end with the hopes that he’s a front line starter in a few years. There’s even an option for a sixth year.

It’s nice to see the Reds finally make a play. There’s some risk here with the number of years, but an average of $5 million a year for even a mediocre starting pitcher isn’t a bad deal. I like the upside here.

Still trying to decide what to do with the site. Things are busy, but I want to hit the 1990 Reds because it’s their only World Series I remember (I was five when the Reds won in 1976). I also want to get back into the swing of things, but other things have gotten in the way. Stay tuned.

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