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Spring Training Thoughts

For those of you who know me, you know I live in the Detroit area. I roam around the country as a consultant. I’ve been to probably 35 of the 48 states in the contiguous United States, including Ohio, and most of the time I keep myself very busy. Now, keeping in mind that I’m a Reds fan, I’ve never been to the Great American Ballpark. Heck, I never went to Riverfront and not one of my hundreds of business trips have ever taken me to Cincinnati. It’s just plain weird.

So, I’ve picked up Red Sox tickets and I’ve bought Yankees tickets, but I’ve never bought Cincinnati Reds tickets. Never. I’ve bought Tigers tickets to see the Reds but I’ve never been to a baseball game in Cincinnati. It’s like I’m saving myself for some reason.

And since I brought up the Red Sox, those fans are just crazy. Have you checked out how many Red Sox websites are out there. It’s matched by only Cubs fans, but you have hundreds of blogs covering the team. Then you add on all of the Boston information blogs and a basketball website or two (you know they have a basketball team in Boston) and it just compounds the amount of information.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for most of five years. I know we’ve had our selection of guest writers, but the site has stayed intact for over four years and we’re coming up on the fifth anniversary. I’m already losing a bit of my momentum though. This 1919 Reds diary is going to be tougher and more time consuming then I thought, at least if I want to do it right. Still, for not being a Reds Insider or anything, I think I do a pretty good job. I haven’t done an All Decade team in a while and there’s about hundred different ideas I haven’t put into place, but it’s been a nice run none the less.

The Reds open against the Mets this year and this carries into a second home series against the Pirates. Then it’s ten straight on the road against some solid teams. I think we’re going to get a pretty good indicator as to the Reds chances by the end of April. I just hope the indicators are good ones.

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