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Jerry Hairston, Jr., Bobby Abreu and Barry Larkin

The votes are in for the Hall of Fame and congratulations to Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice.  I like the way things are working out and while I’m not a huge fan of Andre Dawson (Tim Raines anyone), the fact that Bert Blyleven is on the cusp is a good thing.  Next year’s class will include Barry Larkin, and while I think he’ll get his plaque, I don’t see him getting in on the first try.  Robbie Alomar will probably steal that show and the debate will begin on Barry and Edgar Martinez.  Hopefully Blyleven and Dawson both get in and that will result in some of the midlevel cream (Jack Morris, Raines and Lee Smith) to begin rising up.

The Reds big move of 2009 has been the resigning of Jerry Hairston, Jr.  Not bad because he did well for us and can play anywhere, but the Reds need to get into the game or their go to miss out on some opportunities.  I know Cincinnati doesn’t lead the list of cities guys want to go, but it’s not like we’ve been too aggresive or anything.

I do like the name that’s been bounced around though.  If Bobby Abreu can find his way into a Reds uniform, he’d immediately be deemed my favorite player.  Knowing out luck, it’ll be Garrett Anderson who ends up in the Reds outfield though.

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