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Still Waiting

Alright, it’s been a while since I posted and I have a reason for the abscence. End of story, the end of the Reds season in 2008 left a bad taste in my mouth. They traded my favorite player and while there were some reasons to be optimistic, we all had to wait for the offseason to determine what direction the Reds are going in.

So far, I’m pretty “insert explitives” annoyed. They trade fan favorite Ryan Freel for Ramon Hernandez and his .326 career OBP. Yeah, the guy swats 20 homers now and then and I know the Reds have nobody ready to move up in the system, but Freel played just about anywhere. He has missed most of the past two seasons but I just have this nagging worry that he’s going to end up in the All Star game at some point, it just now won’t be with the Reds.

Then the Reds tease us. They say they’re done until the New Year, then they go back on their promise and sign Willie Taveras to a two year deal. While I can find some logic in the Hernandez for Freel deal, this one is mind boggling considering they plan on putting Taveras at the lead off spot. Duh, the guy has a career .331 OBP and he’s struck out almost three times as much as he he’s walked. And no, that .337 career slugging percentage isn’t an error either. He can steal though, and his career steal percentage of 82% is acceptable. I hope I’m wrong, but this deal is probably going to be a loser.

I had almost picked out my new favorite Red, but the team hasn’t signed him. I kept seeing Pat Burrell as a potential signee, but I now wonder that with Taveras in the fold, that the Reds will pass on someone who can actually hit the ball over the fence.

Anyway, I’m back for now. I’d threaten and say I’m back for good, but I’ve put that out there before and things have gotten crazy on the homefront. For those of you who still stop by now and then, I appreciate your persistence.

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