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Reds Season Winding Down

Another year, another season lost. The Reds season is winding down and despite having some nice additions, it’s just more of the same. The Reds won’t finish in last, but they definitely won’t be finishing in first and once again, we’re looking at a losing season. Brandon Phillips had another outstanding year that got cut short because of an injury and guys like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto all make the Reds future bright. Now it’s just a matter of getting it done. So I’ll be watching the Reds final few games, but it’s the future I’m most interested in knowing about. I know the content this year was spotty, but I’m hoping to work on that. It wasn’t that long ago that the Cutting Edge was just that and I’m hoping to have a productive offseason to put the site back on the map.

One of my business trips took me down to good ole Columbus, Ohio where I ran into (almost literally) Baseball Rampage, a very cool retailer of baseball equipment, including baseball bats. And don’t feel like you need to go all the way down (over over, or up depending on where you’re at) to Columbus to visit the place because they have an awesome website to go along with their very cool store. Of course you won’t be able to try out the bat in their batting cage, but you can still get what you want from a place that really knows what it’s selling.

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