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Tough Weekend = Sweep to Pirates

Johnny Cueto looked pretty mortal today as he suffered his first major league loss at the hands of Pirates.  The three game sweep turned a nice 6-4 record into a rather mediocre 6-7 record and the Reds sit just one game ahead of the last place Astros.  Still, they’re just three games out of first place and they can take care of one of those teams this week in the third place Cubs.

Adam Dunn was given the day off because Dusty Baker felt it might help him get his shit together.  Okay, he didn’t use those exact words, but Dunn’s off to a slow start, sort of.  He has a rather ugly .167 batting average but because of 13 walks, he has a .380 OBP.  Yeah, his slugging is .250, but how long is that going to last.  My bet is, his OPS is back up over .850 by mid-May.  We all know Baker has something against walks, so my feeling that Dunn’s days are numbered as a Red  have a ton of validation.

Next up are the Cubbies.  I like the Aaron Harang/Ryan Dempster matchup but Josh Fogg/Carlos Zambrano not so much.  I’d be happy if we walk away with the rubber game and get back to winning series instead of losing them.

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