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Reds Sign David Weathers – You Paid How Much?!?!?!?

By Thaq Diesel

I have officially become an old man.  “Back in my day, we didn’t pay $2.5 million per year for mediocre set up men!  We had our starters pitch 250 pitches per start until their arms fell off – AND WE LIKED IT!”

Yes the Reds signed Weathers for $2.5 million per year for two years today.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but there was a point last year where I was absolutely disgusted with Weathers – he gave up two or three home runs in an inning and then took himself out of a game because his arm or some other body part which I won’t name here hurt.  It’s either a sad state of the free market in baseball, a sad state of the Reds bullpen or both.  Weathers had decent numbers at the end of the year – 4-4 with a 3.54 ERA and 61 hits in 73 2/3 innings.  Those numbers shock me.  They seemed much worse during the year and I distinctly remember getting a queasy feeling when he came to the mound because of how the year started (when he was the closer, then he wasn’t, then he hit that rough patch). 

It’s almost certain Weathers is not going to be a closer for the Reds and they have not offered arbitration to Eddie Guardado, who is recovering from season-ending surgery.  This could be a tactical ploy aimed at paying Everyday Eddie less money to be the closer when he’s recuperated, if that day ever comes for the 37-year-old.  More likely, Krivsky is going to make another deal for a closer.  At least I hope that’s what’s happening. It’s rare to see “closer by committee” work, the 1990 Reds notwithstanding.  Right now the Reds are middle-relief heavy and lacking a true closer.  It’s a long way to April so I will sit tight and watch hopefully.

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