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Who Would Make A Better Addition to Reds – Sosa or Bonds?

By Thaq Diesel

Okay.  I’m nauseated that I even wrote that but the thought crossed my mind as I saw that Sosa wants to make a comeback.  Plus, Bonds and his agent insist he’s getting interest from many teams, so surely the Reds are in the race, right?  The Reds need to remake themselves in some way next year.  Granted it’s not in the outfield, but let’s just go through the exercise anyway.

Barry Bonds would create more of a circus to be sure:  not only would the Reds have a statue in left field, there would be the incessant media coverage as Bonds counted down to breaking the career home run record.  How cool would it be, though, to have Griffey, Dunn and Bonds batting consecutively in the middle of the order.  Bonds would make Kevin Mitchell’s moods look like a boy scouts. 

An aside here – whenever they show Aaron running the bases when the broke the record, the only footage you see is of two chumps running with him patting him on the back.  What’s the deal with that?  The media goes out of its way to not show fans running on to the field – why do those two clowns get immortalized?  I’ve never understood that.

Sosa could try to explain away from the Reds dugout why he’s lost 30 pounds of muscle since the new drug testing plan was instituted (“Something glandular,” he would say in Spanish).   Again, it’s a crowded outfield with Sammy in the lineup.  Plus, he still has to prove that he can hit the ball in his later age and diminished physical form.  I wonder what team in its right mind would sign him.  Probably Tampa Bay or someone oblivious to criticism and who is willing to take a long shot on some kind of upside.  What’s the minimum Sammy would sign for now, I wonder?

I’m done retching.  Forget I even brought it up.  It was just an exercise.  Let’s forget we even discussed it.

None of the above.

Posted by Shawn on November 6th, 2006 at 6:09 pm

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