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Experiment Time – Reds vs. Astros

I found it interesting that when I rail on the Reds sputtering offense they open up a can and score 14 runs and 15 hits on the Astros in the very next game.  I must now test the theory that this modest blog is spurring my beloved Red Legs to greatness.  I shall do that with a very simple rant:  “How long has it been since a Reds player hit for the cycle?  I mean, sheesh…” 

There you go.  Brandon Phillips – hit your cycle tonight and I’ll join the ranks of Miss Cleo, Psychic Friends Network and Nostradamus.    I shall be watching.  Always watching.

Da Cards Doan Lie!

One other note – it was cool seeing the roof close during the game last night.  I could tell the cameramen and producers were transfixed by it too.  I once saw the dome close in Toronto – it’s amazing to see such a massive structure move, even if it’s slower than a Lincoln Continental changing lanes in South Florida.

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