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Adam Dunn Signs Two Year Deal With Reds

This is huge. I know I throw around the fact that Adam Dunn is a future Hall of Famer and I’ve been accused of having a man crush on him, but this is a great signing for the team. Dunn will make $7.5 million in 2006 and $10.5 million on 2007. There’s a mutual option for 2008 that would pay Dunn $13 million with a $500,000 buy out. And if you want an unbiased opinion on the signing, both Baseball Musings and Baseball Prospectus thought it was a good deal.

Dunn’s a player who’s hard to compare. His Similarity Index at Baseball Prospectus is only 6. Anything under 20 means he’s hard to match up with a past player. His most comparable is Troy Glauss. Boog Powell comes in at two, but Hee Sop Choi is third. His fourth most comparable player is the most interesting one, Barry Bonds. Over at Baseball-Reference, his most comparable through the age of 25 is Darryl Strawberry. Coming in at second is Reggie Jackson. Boog Powell and Troy Glaus also make the list.

What’ll be interesting to see is, how the list changes when Dunn blasts another 45-50 homeruns this season and draws another 100 walks. 42 homeruns will give him 200 before his 26th birthday. Only seven other players have accomplished this.

This was the last of the potential arbitration cases the Reds have. Six filed and all six have now been signed. And just in time. Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow to sunny Sarasota, FL (former home of the Macho Man, Randy Savage).

Baseball’s Back!!!!

YOU’D BETTER RESPECT THE MACHO KING ENOUGH TO USE HIS NAME CORRECTLY. BECAUSE ON MARCH 13TH, YOU’RE GOING TO BE TAUGHT A NEW MEANING OF RESPECT. (neck veins protruding at this point, sweaty, stringy hair underneath headband)

Posted by The Macho King on February 15th, 2006 at 9:35 pm

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