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Man, there’s nothing going on in Reds Land. Lou Pinella came to visit, but I was watching Tim Russert this weekend and Pinella was on. He said he wouldn’t be managing in 2006. That leaves the door open to bring him back in 2007, but by then he might have his eyes set on something else.

I’m going to work up another installment of my All Decade Team. You can check out the 1910-1919 Reds All Decade Team to see what I’m talking about. And I was flipping through the Redleg Journal (which I don’t think I owned when I first started the series, but I did use them to help me with the last couple) and in the back, they have their own All Decade Teams. So I’m going to eventually compare what I came up with to their choices.

So be sure to check back. Pretty please.

Reds Claim Mike Burns Off of Waivers

Alright, the Reds didn’t sign A.J. Burnett, but they did get Mike Burns off of waivers. He should fit right in as he gave up six homeruns in 31 innings. Outside of that, he didn’t do all that bad. His ERA was kind of high (4.94), but his WHIP was fair (1.19) and he had a 20/8 strikeout to walk ratio. He was very good against righties (.156 batting average against). Unfortunately, five of the ten hits he gave up against righties went out of the park.

John Donovan wrote that Adam Dunn is as good as gone. It’s obvious that the Reds need pitching, and he talks about how Dunn will start to be on the more expensive side of the equation. It would be a sad, sad day for me if the Reds traded the future Hall of Famer.

No News Is….No News

Not a lot going on with the Reds these days. The ownership change has yet to be finalized and free agency is just beginning to ramp up. So here’s a couple of tidbits.

According to Baseball Prospectus, the Reds had the best catching tandem in the major leagues. The emergence of Javier Valentin along with the reliability of Jason LaRue led the two to a combined 51.1 WARP. That was the best total since 2001 when Paul LoDuca and Chad Kreuter combined for a 70.4 VORP.

David Weathers, who did a decent job out of the pen this past season (61 strikeouts in 77 2/3 innings with a 1.29 WHIP) had shoulder surgery. Doesn’t look like a big deal and he should be ready to by spring training.

That’s about it.

Bucky Dent the New Reds Bench Coach

Not too much happening in Redsville since the sale of the team, but Jerry Narron scooped up Bucky Dent to be his bench coach. Dent’s been managing the Yankees’ AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers, the last three years.

Chris Denorfia, the Reds centerfield prospect, has begun tearing up the Arizona Fall League. He’s hit in eight straight games, and he’s scored in seven of those eight games. Of course the last thing we need is another outfielder.

Will New Ownership Be the Answer

Robert Castellini, a Cincinnati business owner, led a group that bought somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of the Reds. For $270 million, the group not only got the 51.5% stake that was up for sale, but they also bought Carl Lidner’s controlling shares in the team as well.

The team hasn’t done squat since Lidner led a group that bought the team in 1999. Yeah, he pushed the new stadium through, but we haven’t had a winning record in five years since 2000, and that was basically a team he inherited. He was heralded for bring Ken Griffey, Jr. to town, but that hasn’t turned out to be all that great of a deal either.

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the new owner. Will we have a new GM? I have a feeling the current management will stay in place at least for one year.

My first suggestion to the new owner….Get some freaking pitchers. We need arms!!!

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