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The Reds got smoked, again. It’s time to get more worried about the 100 loss mark then it probably is reaching the .500 mark.

Fortunately, this is the only Reds site you can go to, and read about a winner. The 1975 Reds are turning around their slow start, and you’re going to see quite a bit of winning from here on out. It’s a pleasant escape.

The 1996 Tigers hold the record for most homeruns given up in a season with 241. That’s 1.49 per game. With the three homers given up today, the Reds have 62 through 40 games. That’s 1.55 per game. We could be seeing history in the making. For those people who are counting, last year’s Reds had the fifth highest total ever with 236. Yes, that’s a mere five homers away from the record. So if the Reds stay on there current pace, they’ll shatter the two year mark.

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