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2005 Baseball Predictions

The fact that I picked all four Final Four teams in my office pool means I am an expert sports predictor. While I’d never encourage you to sell your house and place wagers on what you read here (I don’t encourage gambling either), there would be more difficult ways to make a fortune.

With that, the long and short of it will be that the Reds will go 75-87 and finish in fourth place in the NL Central, Adam Dunn will hit 50 homers for the first time, and the Reds pitching will flirt with the 5.00 ERA mark again. You’re going to have a fun offensive team to watch where the pitching takes them out of games. Finally, Austin Kearns is going to have a breakout season, hitting .320 and hitting 30 dingers. Here’s what I think the rest of the league will do:

NL East – Florida Marlins (The Braves are finally dethroned)
NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals
NL West – San Diego Padres
NL Wildcard – Houston Astros

AL East – New York Yankees
AL West – Cleveland Indians (Sorry Brian, no Tigers)
AL West – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
AL Wildcard – Boston Red Sox

NL Champ – Houston Astros
AL Champ – New York Yankees
World Series Champ – New York Yankees

NL MVP – Adam Dunn
AL MVP – Alex Rodriguez
NL Cy Young – Jake Peavy
AL Cy Young – Randy Johnson

So that’s it folks. Yanks win it all.

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