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Less Then a Week….

Yes, we’re now less then a week away from the start of the REAL season. As it stands, the Reds are 14-13 this spring. Not too bad, although the fact they’d lost three of four now that the games matter a little more is a little discouraging.

Being the humanitarian that I am, I’m going to post my predictions on how well the Reds will do this season. While I don’t encourage gambling, if you took these predictions and went to Vegas and placed wagers on them, you could probably retire happily and your family could live for generations to come. Of course I wouldn’t recommend it just because, you know, anything can happen.

I had my fantasy baseball draft last night. Joel at the Great American Reds Blog ran an awesome draft and has done a fine job as commissioner. He’s done so great of a job, I’m actually going to feel bad about kicking his ass in the opening game (it’s head to head league). I’ll also be squaring off against the Red Reporter’s own JD. Should be a fun time.

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