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Kearns is Hot, the Wily One’s Not

We’re close to two weeks into the spring season, and while the games don’t mean a whole lot at this point, you never want to see a guy struggle for fear it’s the beginning of a trend.

With that said, Wily Mo Pena is a paltry four for thirty two in eleven spring games. His extra base hit tally includes only one double.

Austin Kearns, on the other hand, has simply been on fire. Twelve for twenty eight with four doubles and a homer. That’s good for a .429 batting average and a .679 Slugging.

The other hot hand this spring is Rob Stratton. He leads the team in homers (4) and is slugging .880. Not that we really need another outfielder to step up but this Rob Deer wanna be could be a nice tool off the bench, or a formidable fourth outfielder if the Reds finally pull the trigger and trade one of their top four outfielders.

The Reds split their two games with Detroit yesterday. but they still stand 6-8 and near the bottom of the NL. Good thing these games don’t count.

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