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Sean Casey is Staying a Red

I like this move a lot!!

The Reds picked up Sean Casey’s option for 2006, locking up the first basemen not only for this coming year, but the following. He deserved it after the breakout season he had in 2004.

Casey had a career year. Not only did he hit .324, but he struck out a miniscule 36 times, while walking 46 times. He came within one RBI of joining Adam Dunn with 100 Runs and RBIs for the season.

When his contract ends, he’ll be 32, and we should get a good indication at that point as to whether he’s keeping up his torrid pace, or whether he’s beginning to decline. But anytime you have a player with a .915 OPS, you want to tie him up as long as you can.


….some Reds news.

It appears Austin Kearns short third base tryout in the Instructional League was a success. So this should squash any rumors of Hinske coming to Cincinnati, right?? RIGHT??!!!

Wrong. I think it’s part posturing, to downplay the Reds needs. Wouldn’t we love to see Hinske at third, so we could put Austin back in his rightful spot in the outfield? I know injuries have been a factor in his short career, but he’s a heck of an outfielder.

And I’ve seen first hand the Eric Munson third base experiment. So far, he’s past the two year mark and he’s still not making the progress the Tigers would like. In fact he lost his starting spot to, gulp, Brandon Inge??

So let’s figure a deal with Toronto and get Hinske. I know he’s tapered off quite a bit from his rookie year, but he’d still be better then anything we have.

Last Game

It’s over and done with. The Boston Red Sox did it, and ended an 86 year World Series drought.

And if you’re only as good as your last game, then you’re only as good as your last prediction. If you read this blog, it should have come as no surprise that the Red Sox swept their opponents. If you placed a wager on my advice, send me an email and I’ll let you know where to send my cut.

Next it’s the awards announcements. No Reds should be given serious consideration, however, Adam Dunn should get a few points for MVP, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Dave Miley get a few votes for manager of the year.

The End is Near

If things go as planned, we have only two more baseball games left in the 2004 season.

The Red Sox have the Cards on the ropes, and they can land the knock out blow tonight. But, this Red Sox team has had it’s share of errors, and now it’s going to have to either throw stone hands David Ortiz out in the field, or sit him, because we’re in St. Louis, and there’s no DH.

It’s Derek Lowe vs. Jeff Suppan. The Michigan native can make up for a lackluster season by throwing a gem tonight. And it seems like last year when Suppan bested Roger Clemens in game 7 of the NLCS.

There is nothing going on with the Reds. A few of their guys are playing well out in Arizona, but other then that, it’s pretty quiet. Here’s some good stuff on the AFL.

Enjoy baseball while you have it. Because pretty soon, it will be loooooong gone (thank you Mr. Harwell)!!!


Alright, I have to read things a little more closely. Pedro is throwing tonight, not Mr. Lowe.

Who’s your Daddy!!?? Who’s your Daddy!!??

The Curse is Over

It’s hard to tell exactly when the curse ended. Was it game seven of the ALCS, or was it game four? Or was it when Pedro proclaimed that the Yankees were his daddy, in effect freeing George Herman Ruth’s ghost from the confines of Fenway Park with a smile on his face.

My World Series prediction is plain, and it’s simple. With the monkey (aka, Yankees) off their back, the Red Sox will sweep the Cardinals. This is going to be a short and sweet series. There will be no controversy or fluke plays. The Red Sox are going to kick the Cardinals butt.

For the first time in three weeks, I’m in town for the weekend. And I’m looking forward to sitting down for some sweet baseball. Go Red Sox!!!!!

The Great Debate – 1975 Reds Vs. 1984 Tigers – Catcher

We’ll start with an easy one.

Johnny Bench is listed as the second best catcher of all time in Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. The fourteen time all-star and two time Most Valuable Player truly had an astounding career. Not only did he hit 389 career homeruns, and drive in 1,376 runs, but he also racked up ten gold gloves.

But this isn’t a debate about careers. How did Johnny Bench do in 1975 compared to Lance Parrish in 1984? Let’s take a look at some of Bench’s statistics.

Runs – 83
Homeruns – 28
RBIs – 110
Average – .283
OBP – .359
Slg. – .519
OPS+ – 140
Runs Created – 99

Batting Runs Above Replacement – 53
Field Runs Above Replacement – 47
Equalized Average – .308
Wins Above Replacement Player – 11.0

The only thing that prevents a complete sweep is Lance Parrish’s five extra homeruns. But that’s not nearly enough to make up the difference. Johnny Bench didn’t finish fourth in the MVP voting for nothing.

This one was a fat pitch waiting to get hit out of the park. Johnny Bench wins hands down.

Score Card – 1975 Reds 1, 1984 Tigers 0

And don’t forget to help us out with our little fund raiser. It might take the simulation to convince Brian who’s better.

And you can read Brian’s response over at Tigerblog. He took his beating like a man.

The Conversion

How could I be so stupid?

I mean, my favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. My website is the Reds Cutting Edge. The Reds aren’t very far from the Red Sox.

So I’m now proclaiming the “Curse” is dead. I’m not only jumping on the bandwagon, I’m leading the charge.

GO SOX!!!!!!

I’ll tell you, last year’s playoffs were good. But this year’s might be even better. We’ll see what happens in the series, but the Red Sox comeback is simply incredible. Mind boggling. It defies logic. It’s like all the planets are in their correct alignment.

No longer do I think the Sox are doomed to fail. A championship in 2004 is their destiny.

The Cards and Astros square off here in a few minutes. I’m rooting for the Cards. I did pick them way back when to be the NL’s sponsor in the Fall Classic. Plus, I don’t want Brian to be right. He’s so smug when he’s right. I mean, he doesn’t even brag, because he “expects” to be right.

The Curse of the Great Bambino

Can hope actually be a bad thing?

Even I have to admit, Red Sox fans have it tough. I whine about the Reds not doing anything since 1990, but that was a mere fourteen years ago. The Red Sox haven’t seen a championship in, let me do the math, whole criminy, 86 years. Not that they haven’t been close.

But it’s those close ones that hurt the most. Carlton Fisk gave them hope in 1975 with his extra inning game 6 homerun. They had hope in 1986 when they were a strike away from winning the World Series, only to have it slip through their fingers. And then there was last year. I think Pedro knew who his daddy was well before this past September.

Now we come to 2004. The Red Sox have already made history by forcing a game seven while down 3-0. They actually have a chance to comeback against their archnemesis. But, they won’t.

I don’t believe in the curse, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Anyone who’s a Red Sox fans believes in the curse. They’ll tell you this morning the Red Sox are finally going to take it to those Yankees, but deep down, they know the truth.

The Red Sox are going to lose.

And you can blame David Ortiz for getting your hopes up. He pretty much carried the Sox through games four and five, giving them their “chance.” Had they lost in four or five games, it probably would have been a lot less emotional. But now we have a game seven. It’s down to one game. It’s win or go home. But I’ll say it again.

The Red Sox are going to lose.

I’m sorry. I’m just trying to dampen the pain you’ll feel tonight. I’m not sure how it’s going to happen. It might be a dramatic bottom of the ninth, three run walk off homerun by some role player like Tony Clark. Or, it could be over by the third inning with a 8-0 score. But for the second straight year, or is it 86 straight years, Red Sox fans will be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and the Cards will even up the series with the Astros.


Well, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon may still love Tom Gordon. He gave up two runs in the eighth to his former team, and the game is now going into the eleventh. I wonder what the record is for the longest series in number of minutes?

Well, I’m back. The Championship Series’ are still going on.

So what’s happening with the Reds? What did I miss while being in farm country, aka, Des Moines, Iowa? The answer is, “not much,” so this will be short.

JD Arney is working on a super cool Red Organization Depth Chart. Be sure to check it out.

Brian told me we’ve now raised just over a buck in our drive to prove the other wrong. Help out the cause!!!!!

4-4, bottom of the eleventh, and 0-0 in the top of the fourth (only one hit in the Astros/Cards game). If the World Series provides for more entertaining baseball then the ALCS and NLCS, baseball fans are in for a treat.

Out of Order

I’m back to Des Moines in an hour to finish up my project. Be sure to check out Reds Daily for all your Reds needs.

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