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First Blood

He’s far more dangerous then a Paratwa assasin armed with a Cohe Wand.

His name is Adam Dunn.

And he just went yard. Number 45. Reds 1, Cubs 0. Maybe Austin Kearns can book a tee time and go play golf with Mark Prior next Tuesday.


Cubs fans have to be frothing at the mouth right now. Austin Kearns didn’t just come up big once, he came up big twice. A one run, two out double in the ninth, and then a two run shot in the twelth. And now my Reds have won 6 of 8.

Adam Dunn struck out twice, and is now one strikeout short of Bobby Bonds record. I think the record is about Dunn in for (har har).

And I hope Cubs fans don’t take this personal. If we were playing the Giants or Astros, I’d be saying the same things. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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