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Adopting a Playoff Team

While the Reds decimate the Cubs, and end their playoff hopes, I started thinking to myself about how the Reds season is ending soon. It will all be over on Sunday, and I’ll have to wait through the long, cold Michigan winter months until I get to see my beloved Reds don their uniforms again.

But I have something that might surprise Reds fans. You might not have heard of it, but there’s a thing called the “Post Season” where there’s several “Playoff Series” to determine a “World Series Champion.” You may have heard about these from your dad, or maybe even your grand dad.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that bad, but it has been since 1995 since the Reds made the post season, and even longer since the Reds won it all (Thank you Marge Schott). The Reds actually won a series against the Dodgers in 1995 before losing to the Braves. Who would then go on to win the World Series.

So as a baseball fan, I’m going to adopt a playoff team, and root for that team throughout the entire playoffs. I probably won’t write much about them, because I’ll leave that to the experts, who I’ll get to shortly.

How do I go about picking a playoff team?? Let’s go through an elaborate process of elimination. First off, as a Reds fan, I hate it when the Reds lose, so I’m going to eliminate every team that looks like it will make the post season that beat the Reds during the season. That eliminates all the National League teams.

It also eliminates Oakland, who was an interleague opponent of the Reds. Plus, according to Joe Morgan, the A’s can’t manufacture runs, so they can’t win in the playoffs. Let me just say, I loved Joe Morgan as a player, and stop at that.

I’m not a Yankee hater, but rooting for them seems so easy. Same goes for the Red Sox, who I also dislike for making the 1975 series competitive. They had no chance because they can’t win the World Series, so they should have just rolled over and gotten swept. They’re not allowed to win, so they’re not worth rooting for.

So that leaves the Twins. It’s perfect. Nobody expects them to do much other then be a door mat for the Yankees. But they’re my team. I also know it pisses Brian off, because he still won’t let 1987 go.

So when Johan Santana takes the mound, I’ll be there cheering every strikeout. Same goes for Radke, and that Canadian kid who can hit the snot out of the ball. I’d also like to see Torii Hunter rob Gary Sheffield of a tater by climbing the wall.

But I must confess, I’m not a Twins expert. Heck, I’m not a Reds expert. So I’m going to defer to the experts. For all your Twins coverage be sure to check out a man who really needs no introduction, Aaron Gleeman. He’s been talking up Johan since his middle relief days, and is a good fan as well. And also be sure to check out Seth Speaks.

Go Reds!!!! Then go Twins!!!!

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