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Offseason Fun – The Duel

A challenge has been issued. A duel will take place the likes we haven’t seen since Aaron Burr ended Alexander Hamilton’s life.

There’s an ongoing debate between Brian and I. It revolves around Sparky Anderson. Brian, for whatever reason, feels that the 1984 Tiger’s team was Sparky’s best. He says this with a straight face, and without the assistance of narcotics despite the fact we all know…….


In the words of Kurt Angle, it’s true. Damn true.

So the best way to resolve this is to have an online debate. Brian has accepted this challenge (his response was actually, “Whatever,” but I take that as an acceptance), and over the course of the offseason, we’ll analyze and compare, position by position, which team is better. So it’s the 1975 Reds vs. the 1984 Tigers. I’m stoked.

I’m a science fiction junkie. I love Stainless Steel Rats, the Grey Death Legion, and Ender’s Game. And I was jacked up when my copy of Star Wars, the Widescreen DVD edition, came in the mail today. I’m so jacked, that I’m typing really fast so I can go check it out, right now!!!!

The Reds just blew a four run lead. It really doesn’t matter whether they stick with the starter, or go to the pen. It’s all bad. Adam Dunn has two hits though. But don’t forget, the ability to destroy a planet, is insignificant next to the power of the force.


The Reds came back and won!!! On John Smoltz no less. I stopped hitting refresh too early and went to bed.

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