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Who is Blade Stevens?

You haven’t opened an Ayn Rand novel, and I’m not an Objectivist. I’m a Reds fan. I bleed Red and long for the days when Lou Pinella was manager, and gulp, Marge Schott was the owner (that was tougher to write then I thought).

And I now have a nice forum to spout (best word for it) my views on the Reds, baseball, and life in general. I’m a good friend of Brian, who writes over at Tigerblog, and he and our other good friend Jay, of Grousehouse Media fame, helped put this together for me.

But back to the original question. Who is Blade Stevens? I’m a semi-pubilc figure who owns my own business, and for reasons I couldn’t even begin to list here, would like to remain anonymous. So, I had to come up with a pseudonymn. And that’s when I had a flash from the past.

A long, long, long time ago, Brian and I made up a baseball game using two six sided dice. It was pretty basic, but actually worked out quite well. He was the Tigers and I was the Reds, and we’d play at times together, but mostly on our own. Then we’d meet up, compare stats, and play the World Series, which means one of us (the loser) wasted a ton of time, because that was basically the funnest and most competitive part.

On each team, we had a guy who had special attributes, which allowed for modifiers when we rolled the dice. Brian, being as vain as he is, named his player after himself. I, on the other hand, got creative and came up with a name of my own.

So, I introduce to you, the five time NL MVP of dice baseball, Blade Stevens. One season he jacked 54 homers, and this was back when mid-30s led the league. He was a stud.

But I digress. Since blades have sharp edges, you get the Reds Cutting Edge. My little home on the web.

Now you’re probably sitting back there, and you’re asking yourself, “If he grew up in Detroit, how did this punk become such a rabid Reds fan?” The answer is simple enough. I lived in the Cincy area until I was five, and moved to the Detroit area. My dad was a major Reds fan, so I grew up a Reds fan. We didn’t get to see them play too often, but the funnest part of the morning was sitting down with dad and checking out to see how the Reds did in the boxscores. By that time the Reds were losing (early 80s), so it wasn’t quite as cool as the Red Machine days, but it’s a fond memory.

So, that’s me. Just a few quick facts, and I promise from here on out I won’t get too sentimental on you, and will stick to baseball, and an occasional dig on Brian. My favorite player is Adam Dunn. The guys a stud, and one day it might be him who’s entering the 700 homerun club (congrats to Barry Bonds for hitting his 700th last night).

My favorite website is Reds Daily. JD Arney is a spectacular writer, and I really enjoy keeping with the Reds by stopping there often. If my website could become half of what his is, I’d do somersaults across my lawn. I also enjoy Tigerblog, even though the only thing Brian and I agree on is who the greatest manager of all time is. The only thing we argue about is who Sparky’s best team was.

But, I have to say I like Tigerblog because Brian is helping me out. If you enjoyed his 1984 Tigers diary, he’s going to the exact same thing for the 1975 Reds next year, so you’ll be able to relive the days of the Big Red Machine. I’m excited. I’m jacked. I’m doing somersaults on my lawn.

And the neighbors are calling the cops. Shit.

Have a great weekend folks. And GO REDS!!!!!

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